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About Florida Valet

Florida Valet has provided valet service for: U.S. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Senators, members of Congress, Hollywood celebrities, sporting events and more. Florida Valet currently provides service to Hospitals, V.I.P. events and upscale Country Clubs including the number one private residential Country Club in the Country.

Providing 5-Star service to all its accounts, Florida Valet’s resume speaks for itself. Florida Valet Parking….. setting the standard in the South Florida parking industry!


Why Choose Us

If you have a facility that requires valet parking, then you have two choices; use your own in house valet or, select a valet parking company. The advantages of hiring a valet parking company eliminates the facility from:

  • Hiring experienced valet personnel
  • Scheduling and manpower issues
  • Additional payroll
  • Overtime
  • Payroll taxes
  • Liability for valet actions
  • Accidents and damage claims
  • Theft
The benefits and features of hiring

Florida Valet are as follows


Management Company

Staffing and Recruiting Company

Quality Control Company

Claims Department

Video Cameras

Custom Valet Tickets

Portable Keyboards

2 Way Radios



Provides invoicing, payroll, human resources and administration

Hires experienced personnel, training, scheduling and daily operations

Oversee the personnel to ensure they comply and adhere to the
clients requirements

Responds to all incident reports, communicates with the
clients/customers and coordinates repairs if needed

If applicable, video surveillance of vehicles, assists in verifying
damages/ accidents and aides in resolving disputes

Insures proper automobile recognition

Allows valet parking at various locations

Provides efficient communication between valet personnel






At Florida Valet, we take training seriously. All personnel receive extensive training from our management team prior to hiring. Our personnel adhere to a strict set of rules from Florida Valet which includes proprietary rules from the establishment in which they work.

Our staff is cross trained in a multitude of parking situations. From servicing hospitals, Country Clubs and more, the staff at Florida Valet will be proficient at your location. Whether parking in marked or unmarked areas, our staff strives to accommodate your customers as quickly and safely as possible.

Our staff has experience to park a high volume of vehicles that arrive and exit at the same time. The staff is trained to utilize our unique system that allows




Florida Valet has an insurance policy in the amount of $3,000,000.00 naming our client as additional insured from an (A+) rated carrier. A copy of the certificate will be provided to the client for their records.

Florida Valet will provide a Workers Compensation Certificate to our cliente.



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